बाबा काली कमलीवाला पंचायत क्षेत्र
स्टीफन हाउस, रूम न. ७, एक तल्ला, ४, बी. बी. डी. बाग़ (ईस्ट), कोलकाता - ७००००१
फ़ोन : ०३३ - २२३१ ८१८१, ईमेल : babakali1008@gmail.com

Uttrakand Yatra - Application Form

The Secretary
Baba Kali Kamliwala Panchayet Kshetra
Stephen  House, 1st Floor, Room # 7
4, BBD Bag (East), Kolkata - 700001

Dear Sir,

I am / We are proceeding for UTTRAKHAND - YATRA and would like to Reserve Accommodation if your Yatri Niwas / Dharamshala at various places enroute. Total no. of yatris with me/us as details here under.


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Current Address
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 Below 10 Years

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  • I / We undertake to ABIDE BY RULES & REGULATIONS of the Kshetra & follow all instruction there in.
  • Accommodation in case Reserved Accommodation unavailable / not vacant.
  • I will not claim for any LOSS OR DAMAGES from the Kshetra in case Rooms are not available on the date & place reserved.


  • In NO circumstances more than 3 PERSONS (Including children) in a SINGLE ROOM & Six Persons in a Reserved FLAT will be allowed.

  • Any damage caused in the premises has to be compensated.

  • Washing of cloths, utensils, use of gas stove, causing pollution is prohibited & storage of waste in not permissible ay any place, other than the place provided it.

  • Reservation is valid up to 7.00 AM on the day and date of reservation failing which kshetra has right to allot the same to other.

  • Donation - Amount are non refundable.

  • Reservation is NON - TRANSFERABLE.

  • Alcohol & Non-Vegetarian foods is strictly prohibited.

  • Management can care dislodge allottee(s) on Non-Fulfilments of Rules framed by Kshetra.